The 23rd annual meeting will be held in 2023

Message from Professor Raman Sankar, The President of the 23rd ISS Annual Meeting:

It has been a decade since the topic, “Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery”, was addressed (2012) and there have been significant advances in diagnostics (imaging, neurophysiology, entry of computational signal processing), surgical techniques – all in the face of the availability several new anti-seizure medications. Medication resistant epilepsy remains a major problem, and I feel this will constitute an appropriate topic for our attention.
I encourage members with special interests relevant to the topic to propose specific topics for consideration – after all, it is your meeting, or more appropriately OUR meeting, not just mine and Dr. Nariai’s.
Some colleagues have suggested that the meeting be held in Hawaii. We are open to that or holding it in the Los Angeles area, depending on popular consensus…
I thank all of you for your patience during the pandemic of our lifetime, and look forward to the 2023 meeting.

Raman Sankar, MD, PhD
Hiroki Nariai, MD, MS, PhD

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