Past Meetings

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1st Annual Meeting

Yukio Fukuyama, Seizures in infancy and early childhood, Tokyo, April 4, 1998.

2nd Annual Meeting

Yukio Fukuyama, Seizures in infancy and early childhood, Tokyo, April 29, 1999.

3rd Annual Meeting

Yukio Fukuyama, Seizures in infancy and early childhood, Tokyo, December 18,1999.

4th Annual Meeting

Yukio Fukuyama, The West Syndrome & Other Infantile Epileptic Encephalopathies, Tokyo, February 9-11, 2001.

5th Annual Meeting

Makiko Osawa, Infantile Seizures and Infection & Immunology, Tokyo, March 2, 2002.

6th Annual Meeting

Makiko Osawa, Chromosomal Aberration and Childhood Epilepsies, Tokyo, March 15-16, 2003.

7th Annual Meeting

Yukio Fukuyama, Neuronal Migration Disorders and Childhood Epilepsies, Tokyo, April 16-17, 2004.

8th Annual Meeting

Yukio Fukuyama, Epileptic Syndromes in Infancy and Early Childhood, Tokyo, April 29- May 1, 2005.

9th Annual Meeting

Toshisaburo Nagai, Status Epilepticus in Infants and Young Children, Osaka, April 29-30, 2006.

10th Annual Meeting

Takao Takahashi, Biology of Seizure Susceptibility, Tokyo, April 7-8, 2007.

11th Annual Meeting

Yoshihiro Takeuchi, Febrile Seizures and Related Conditions, Shiga, April 10-11, 2008.
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12th Annual Meeting

Toyojiro Matsuishi, Epilepsy in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related Conditions, Kurume, May 9-10, 2009.

13th Annual Meeting

Ein-Yiao Shen, Epilepsy in Neurometabolic diseases, Taipei, March 26-28, 2010.

14th Annual Meeting

Taisuke Otsuki, Surgery for Catastrophic Epilepsy in Infants, Tokyo, February 18-19, 2012.

15th Annual Meeting

Shinichi Niijima, Neonatal Seizures and Related Disorders, Tokyo, April 12-14, 2013.

16th Annual Meeting

Haluk Topaloğlu, Epileptic Syndromes of Infancy and Early Childhood, Turkey, June 23-25, 2014.

17th Annual Meeting

Hitoshi Yamamoto, Benign Infantile Seizures, Tokyo, September 25-26, 2015.

18th Annual Meeting

Hideo Yamanouchi, Acute Encephalopathy in Infancy and Its Related Disorders, Tokyo, July 1-3, 2016. Photograph Library.

19th Annual Meeting

Federico Vigevano, Severe Infantile Epilepsies: Old and New Treatments, Rome, September 20-22, 2018. Photograph Library.

20th Annual Meeting

Akihisa Okumura, International Symposium on Neonatal Seizures: Deepening Insights into Developmental Brain Injury, Nagoya, May 31-June 1, 2019.
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21st Annual Meeting

Katsuhiro Kobayashi, International Symposium on the Pathophysiology of Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathy, Okayama, June 19-21, 2020.
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22nd Annual Meeting

Wang-Tso Lee, International Symposium on Genetic Role of Neurometabolic Diseases with Infantile Epilepsy, Taipei, October 22-24, 2021.
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