To become ISS member
The ISS offers two types of membership, regular member (Japanese only) and corresponding member (non-Japanese only, charge-free).

To become an ISS member, please follow the instruction shown below.

Step 1 Complete following Application Form.
Application Form for regular member (Japanese only)
Application Form for corresponding member (non-Japanese only)
Step 2 Send the Application Form after properly filled out to
Makiko Osawa, MD, PhD
Chairperson, Board of Councilors
Fax: +81-3-3740-0874
Step3 Pay your dues
Regular members of ISS are requested to pay annual fee (3,000 yen) according to the instruction from the ISS secretariat, or to pay in cash by Japanese yen at the on-site registration desk at the annual meeting of ISS. Corresponding membership due are free of charge.

Membership Information
Membership Categories
Regular member
Corresponding member

Membership Benefit