Future Meeting

The Cancellation of the 19th Annual Meeting of ISS, ISSE2017

Dear all members of infantile seizure society:
Thank you for your great attention to ISSE2017, the 19th annual meeting of infantile seizure society, which has been excellently prepared by Dr. Ortiz and her colleagues. This meeting in the Philippines, the beautiful country, had been desired by the late Professor Fukuyama and has been waited for a long time by all members of Infantile Seizure Society.
However, it is unfortunate that the situation of the safe and security in the Philippines has not been solved. Recent CNN news exhibit one view of the present circumstances of the battle against ISIS in Philippines.
The embassies of US, UK and France as well as other countries has issued a travel warning to their citizens contemplating a trip to your country.
On inquiry to the Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan, which so far exhibits the travel warning (level 3) in Mindanao, they do not completely confirm the safety and security in central Visayasm, including Cebu. In addition, the ministry of foreign affairs of Japan released unconfirmed information about terrorist explosions planned by the Islamic State in Manila, Philippines.

We have judged that it is difficult for us to provide assurance of the safety and security of all attendees from all over the world. After deep and careful consideration on this issue, we here regret to mention that the Infantile Seizure Society CANCEL the ISSE2017, the 19th Annual Meeting of Infantile Seizure Society. This is a heartbreaking decision but we put the utmost importance on the safety of ISS members from overseas.
We appreciate if you understand this painful and sad consideration.

Makiko Osawa
The Chairperson, Infantile Seizure Society

Shinichi Niijima
The Vice-chairperson, Infantile Seizure Society

Hitoshi Yamamoto
The Vice-chairperson, Infantile Seizure Society

Hideo Yamanouchi
The Secretory General, Infantile Seizure Society