Bylaws of ISS

Article 1
The name of this Society shall be the “Infantile Seizure Society (ISS).”

Article 2
The office of the Society shall be within the Child Neurology Institute that is located at 6-12-17-201 Minami Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Article 3
The purpose of the Society shall be to promote, on an international level, research into and treatment of seizure disorders and related illnesses in newborns, infants and young children, to contribute to the progress in this field and to facilitate mutual friendship and the sharing of information among members of the Society and throughout the world.

Article 4
This Society shall conduct the following activities to fulfill the purposes set forth in the preceding Article.
1. Hosting of an annual scientific meeting.
2. Promotion of joint research between various institutions and individuals.
3. Provision and maintenance of a related website.
4. All other activities necessary to fulfill the purposes of the Society.

Article 5
The scientific meeting will be organized annually as an internationally oriented, high standard meeting where world-leading experts will get together to present their clinical and/or research data and to exchange opinions on selected topics in the field.
The official language of the meeting shall be English.
Attendance by colleagues, who are interested in seizure problems in early life across the disciplines, across the nations, will be aggressively encouraged. Participation from younger generation will be particularly welcomed.

Article 6
The members of the Society shall be comprised of physicians and researchers who are interested in the issues of seizure disorders in newborn, infancy and young childhood, irrespective to the age, sex, disciplines or nationality, and who paid membership dues while agreeing with the aim of the Society. There shall be three categories of membership: honorary members, full members and temporary members. Annual membership dues shall be paid according to the category of membership. Members shall be entitled to receive a delivery service of various information, including announcement of future meetings, from the Society, and to attend the annual meeting and general assembly of the Society. Full members who fail to pay membership dues for two (2) years in succession shall automatically forfeit their full membership entitlements. As the membership period for temporary members is limited to the single year for which membership dues are paid, membership entitlements for the following year shall be automatically forfeited. Furthermore, temporary members shall have no voting rights at general meetings of the Society.

Article 7
The Officers of the Society shall be as follows:
- Councilors
- Chairperson of the Board of Councilors
- Vice Chairperson of the Board of Councilors
- President
- Immediate Past President
- President-Elect
- Advisor(s)
- Auditor(s)
- Secretary General

Article 8
The Councilors shall form the Board of Councilors that is the policy making body for the Society and shall, based upon their deliberations, determine matters of importance for the Society. The election of Councilors shall be determined by deliberations of the Board of Councilors based upon a motion proposed and seconded by two (2) full members of the Society. At the time of these deliberations, eligibility shall be assessed primarily based on proven achievements and enthusiasm for the activities of the Society. However consideration shall also be given to achieving a balanced geographical distribution of Councilors. The Board of Councilors shall elect a Chairperson and (a) Vice Chairperson(s) of the Board of Councilors, and a President and a President-Elect, from within the Councilors. An ordinary Board of Councilors meeting shall be held annually and where additional items require deliberations these shall be performed at either an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Councilors or by e-mail communications between the Councilors.

Article 9
The Chairperson shall act as the representative of the Society and shall be in overall control of the activities of the Society. The Vice Chairperson shall support the Chairperson and shall act as proxy for the Chairperson as required. The Chairperson shall provide reports on the activities and accounts of the Society for deliberation and approval by the Board of Councilors. Subsidiary rules shall be enacted in respect of matters other than those stated above.

Article 10
The President shall be responsible for the planning and management of the annual meeting. The President may, at his/her own discretion, appoint a Vice President and establish an executive committee. The President shall provide reports to the Board of Councilors regarding the planning and results of the meeting as required.

Article 11
Auditor(s) shall be elected by the Board of Councilors from within the Councilors to audit the accounts and execution of the activities of the Society and shall report their findings to the Board of Councilors.

Article 12
Secretary General shall be elected by the Board of Councilors from within the Councilors to manage general affairs and custody of the Society, by assisting the Chairperson of the Board of Councilors.

Article 13
Annual term of the Society will be defined as a period of one (1) year commencing the day following an annual meeting, concluding on the day of the annual meeting the following year. Terms of appointment for the Councilors, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Auditor(s), Advisor(s) and Secretary General shall be for a period of four (4) years. There shall be no restrictions on the appointment of these Officers for a further term. The terms of appointment for the President, the Immediate Past President and the President-Elect shall be for a period of one (1) year. Officers except Advisor(s) shall retire at the age of 67.

Article 14
Officers upon reaching the age of 65 may be recommended as honorary members based upon deliberations by the Board of Councilors. Honorary members shall be exempt from paying annual membership dues and shall be members for life. The Board of Councilors shall elect Advisor(s) from those persons who are honorary members and exercising their expertise in providing advice on the running of the Society.

Article 15
This Society shall establish the Planning Committee, which shall discuss the basic policy of this Society from a long-term perspective and give feedback to the Board of Councilors as needed. The Committee consists of the President, Immediate Past President, President-Elect, and Chairperson of the Board of Councilors, Vice Chairperson of the Board of Councilors, a few Advisors, Auditors, Secretary General and a few Councilors

Article 16
Membership dues (collected by the Secretariat of the Society), meeting's registration fees (the President to be in charge) and other revenues shall provide the running costs of the Society.Article 17
Changes to the Bylaws of the Society shall be deliberated upon and approved by the Board of Councilors.

Supplementary Regulations
1. The Bylaws of this Society shall be enacted on March 1, 2006.
2. The annual membership dues for the Society shall be 5,000 yen for Officers and 3,000
yen for ordinary (both full and temporary) members.
3. At the time of appointment of Officers for a further term, where any one of the following
items apply to a present Officer, the Board of Councilors shall, based upon deliberations,
determine whether that Officer shall be appointed for a further term or not.
1) Where an Officer has not been present at a Board of Councilors meeting or annual
meeting for three (3) consecutive years.
2) Where an Officer feels that it is difficult for him/her to further play a leading role
in the study of infantile seizures and expresses a desire to retire.
3) Where an Officer has not paid his/her membership dues for three (3) years or more.
4. The fiscal year of this Society shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.